Coach Mackle here.


I wanted to give ya some Tips For Success that I’ve picked up from my years of working with CrossFitters and those trying to become healthier and fitter. (Five very important points. PLEASE READ THIS!)


First, don't be late!

We have only an hour to get you warmed up, teach the proper movements in a safe way, introduce the workout to the whole class, and then get through whatever we have programmed for the day. 

Some days we may even have the WOD (Workout Of the Day) broken up into three different sections, so there is no time to waste. 

This is a community style workout program, so please be respectful of your fellow CrossFitters' schedules.


Second, ask questions.


You'll see lots of new movements, acronyms, and lingo if you've never participated in a strength and conditioning program like this, so there is plenty to learn. 

The coaches are here to's what they love to do. They love to talk and if you've got a question, they've probably heard it before...but see if you can stump them. haha


Third, take some “before pictures” and body measurements (Arms, Chest, Waist, Bellybutton, Hips, Thigh, and Calf…widest part of each).


Seriously! Do it! I know you may not want to NOW, but this isn't for you NOW...this is for you in the FUTURE. (I've had people in the past who have skipped this step, and they tell me that they are kicking themselves now)


This is the best way to gauge your progress, and it does wonders for your motivation when you look back in six months and see how much different you look, and see actual numbers showing your change in body composition. 

You’ll notice I didn’t mention bodyweight; this is intentional. The number on the scale tells very little about your health and fitness, but for some reason many of us are conditioned to think that we should have a goal-weight. Your weight will fluctuate as you lose fat and gain lean muscle. Watching the scale can be very demotivating…and it doesn’t offer a true representation of your progress. Get rid of it for at least six months.




Fourth, drink more water than you’re used to drinking.


Regardless of what you saw on TV, you probably don’t need extra “electrolytes” from Gatorade or any other sports drink. You need LESS “sugar water” and MORE good, old-fashioned water. Water is the building block of life, and we need plenty of it for our bodies to function like they’re supposed to. 

And if you drink sodas, here's my first nutrition recommendation: Switch over to diet soda. Sure, they taste a little funny for the first couple of weeks, but you get used to it quickly, and once you see how many calories you're no longer drinking, you'll realize that this might be the easiest substitution you'll ever make.




Finally, understand that this WON’T be a linear process. 


The myth of linear progress is one of the most damaging ideas circulating the fitness industry today. You will likely see quick physical changes, and impressive gains in strength, mobility, and endurance here in the beginning (first 8-12 months), but there will be plateaus along the way. 

Consistency is the key to progress. Work on building the good habits, and rejoice in the progress as it happens, then understand that there will be many days when you don’t feel the same motivation or excitement. THAT IS WHEN IT’S MOST IMPORTANT TO DO IT ANYWAY! Anybody can do the thing when they feel motivated. That’s when it’s easy. The real success comes from grinding through those days when you DON’T feel like it. 



In the field of Human Performance we say STALTA: (Strength Takes A Lifetime To Acquire). Goals are important, but don't lose sight of the big picture when making your goals. 



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