Here's what happens when you STOP obsessively watching the scale or looking daily in the mirror for your results. 

As a trainer, I put almost ZERO focus/attention on appearance, bodyweight, or aesthetics. 

When you train for PERFORMANCE instead of aesthetics, your goals are much more tangible. 

When you fall in love with the process, the results happen. 

I've never made a post like this before, but I wanted to brag on some of our hard workers and show their visual progress. 

Almost everyone came in with different goals. Some are here to gain size/muscle, some are here to lose fat/get smaller, others are training for sport, and some of us are training so that we can age gracefully. 

For some folks, their fitness journey started before we ever met, others came to me as complete beginners. 
Either way, it is THEIR hard work, consistency, and determination that has gotten them to this point. I can provide the fitness program, the coaching, nutrition advice, and support system, but all of that is worthless unless YOU put in the consistent effort. 

There ARE NO QUICK FIXES when it comes to your health and fitness! These folks did not get better at anything by doing a 90 day program or by drinking the latest fashion supplement. 

We all started slowly and worked our way up.

Click here to view the pictures:-)

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