TAKE CARE OF YOUR HANDS!! Don't be "that guy."

We’ve got the Murph workout this Saturday, so let’s talk hand-care. The workout calls for 100 pull-ups, so torn hand calluses are a very real possibility if you come in reckless and get sloppy.

1. There’s nothing cool about torn hand calluses. Don’t be that guy/girl posting pictures like this on social media. For one, it gives us all a bad name. There’s nothing “badass” about bloody meat all over my newsfeed. It just grosses people out and gives them one more bullshit reason to not exercise or go to the gym.

2. It’s going to hinder your progress in the gym. Anytime you tear your hands like this, it’s going to be at LEAST two weeks before you can expect to really use your grip again. Not only does that mean no more pull-ups for a couple weeks, but also no barbell, kettlebell, dumbbell, rowing, ski, anything using the palm of your hand. And almost EVERYTHING uses the palm of your hand.

3. It’s going to affect your job. No matter what you do to make money, I’m almost positive that you need your hands for some part of it.

4. Showers are going to be dreadful. How is this guy going to wash his hair??

5. Do we really need to discuss the health risks?? Please don’t be in here bleeding all over the equipment.

Let's get the jump on Saturday's Murph workout! Get started TODAY!

Go ahead and shave down those calluses. Or use your pumice stone to rub them down....whatever you do to reduce that thick skin, DO IT TODAY.

Then spend the rest of the week making sure that your hands are taken care of. Mosturizer works well, but any "hand care cream" will make sure that your palm skin isn't thick, brittle, and easily torn/ripped.

Make sure you bring your gloves, grips, or whatever hand-protection that you use on Saturday.

Scale this workout properly. Share the work with a friend if necessary, or just modify the numbers to make it make sense for YOU.

If a callus DOES come loose on Saturday, STOP SWINGING FROM THE BAR. There is absolutely nothing worse than grinding your hands to hamburger meat for no reason.

This is a tough workout...that's obvious. So be smart about it:-)

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