This Year's Open is a Team Challenge!

Team Paige vs. Team Bart vs. Team Courtney

We'll do a "Random Draft Pick" on Monday night at 7pm to build the teams. Everyone is invited to come and watch to see which team you'll be on, and we'll stream the whole thing live on Facebook for those of you who can't make it:-)

You'll see a bunch of Easter eggs on the floor, each egg with someone's name inside. Paige, Courtney, and Bart will take turns smashing the eggs open with a sledge hammer to draw names for the teams:-)

After the teams are built, there will be four different ways you can score points for your team.


Here's how YOU can contribute points towards your team:

* 1 point for completing the Open event sometime on Friday


* 2 points for completing the event during Friday Night Lights

* 3 points for completing 3 CrossFit workouts throughout the week leading up to Friday (two in the same day doesn't count).

* 5 points for the "Spirit Of The Week" award. Points are accumulated throughout the day on Friday by dressing up in that weeks' Friday Night Lights theme (Winner takes all 5 points)


Friday Night Lights themes:

Friday 22nd - "80's Night"

Friday 1st - "White Trash Bash"

Friday 8th - "Nerd Night"

Friday 15th - "Dress As Your Favorite Movie Character"

Friday 22nd - "Ultimate Bro"


We plan to make this a lot of fun this year!! Of course, if you'd would like to actually sign up and submit your score into the worldwide CrossFit Games Open, then the only thing that would change for you is that we will make sure you have a registered judge so that your score can be validated on the website.

Otherwise, this is all about having fun, talking some trash, trying some new things, and cheering on your fellow CrossFitters:-)

I'm sure there will be a lot of questions, so please ask away, and be patient with us as we try to build you a fun community event.

-Coach Mackle

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