Same Workout, three entirely different goals.

This morning gave me a really good opportunity to talk about how YOU should be modifying the WOD (Workout Of the Day) to fit YOUR specific needs.

As a fitness training facility, we specifically program for General Physical Fitness, and if you're able to follow our programming exactly, then there's probably not much need for variation. However, some folks' schedules don't allow them to attend 5 sessions per week, and others may have certain limitations that they are working around, and a few people even have super specific goals that they're working towards, so here are a few examples of how to get the most out of YOUR training.

In the scope of the entire week, this workout was intended to be the HEAVY one.

Personally, I'm able to hit every scheduled WOD this week. My focus is weightLOSS until April 1st, so I had no reason for modifications. This fit right in line for my goals, abilities, and schedule. My Squats felt super heavy (around 75% of my 1RM) combined with BW Lunges, and the push/pull combo really had my upper body working too.

On the other hand, Paige is actually working on GAINING weight. Her goals have been very physique-oriented, and she doesn't mind working out alone, so her current training has a lot of "bodybuilding" elements and this is her heavy/high-volume week. Today was technically her rest day, so she did light-weight Squats, band-assisted Chinups, and light-weight DB Presses for "active recovery."

Finally, we had a new girl (in the same session with Paige) who's halfway through her very first week of CrossFit. She's barely a year recovered from a car accident which badly broke both of her legs, among several other injuries. Since completing Physical Therapy, she's working to regain her strength and mobility. In spite of the recent injuries she's amazingly athletic, but there are certainly some modifications that have to be made. We substituted Box-Step-ups instead of Lunges because her balance and single-leg stability is definitely limited, went really light on the barbell squat, and substituted Ring Rows for Chinups since she's not comfortable hanging from the pullup bar yet.

All of us got the intended result from today's scheduled training session by considering our own specific circumstances, and this is how we treat every other training session throughout out the week, month, and year.

I speak on this topic multiple times per week, but this is my first chance to write about it. There! I feel better! haha

-Coach Mackle

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