Sep 5th-10th

Monday 5th

Closed for Labor Day

Tuesday 6th


Every 3 mins for 4 Sets 8 Stiff Leg Deadlift 8 Bench Press

CONDITIONING: Against a 60 second running clock, for a total of five sets, perform as many reps as possible of: 10 American Kettlebell Swings Max Reps of Ring or Bar Dips before the clock runs out ***Rest 60 seconds between sets. Score is max number of Dips completed during the workout.


Tabata Tire Hammers

Weightlifting WOD

Wednesday 7th


Single-arm Overhead Carry Single-arm Front Racked Carry Single-arm Suitcase Carry

CONDITIONING: Run 1 Lap 10 Rollouts Run 1 lap 15 Toes To Bar Run 1 Lap 20 V-Ups Run 1 Lap 25 AbMat Situps

Thursday 8th

STRENGTH: 2 Min Window for Each Set

Front Squat * Set 1 – 50% of possible 1-RM x 5 reps * Set 2 – 75% of possible 1-RM x 3 reps * Set 3 – 85% of possible 1-RM x 1 rep * Set 4 – 90-95% of possible 1-RM x 1 rep * Set 5 – Test 1-RM

CONDITIONING: Two sets for times of: Row 500 Meters 20 Ring Rows 20 Toes to Bar 20 Goblet Squats ***Rest 5 minutes between sets

Weightlifting WOD

Friday 9th

STRENGTH: Four sets of: 2-4 Push Press with last week's 5RM (Using same weight for all 4 sets) 60 sec Plank from Elbows --Plank from Rings if you're advanced

CONDITIONING: For time: 30 Clean and Press (95/65 lbs) 400 Meter Run 20 Clean and Press (95/65 lbs) 400 Meter Run 10 Clean and Press (95/65 lbs) 400 Meter Run ​ ***No dropping the barbell today. Choose a weight that you can control back down. The goal is to practice keeping the bar close to your body as you cycle it up AND back down

Saturday 10th

Weightlifting WOD at 8:00am

CrossFit WOD at 9:30am

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