June 13th-18th

Monday 13th


Banded shoulder Circuit


Every 2 mins, for 5 sets

5 Tempo Push Press W/Dumbell (Fast up, then 5 seconds down)

5 Weighted Lunges each leg (10 Total)


12 min EMOM as heavy as possible

1 Power Clean

3 Single Arm Dumbell Thruster (e.g. First round with right arm, then second round with left arm)


**For every missed round, complete 10 burpees after the workout.


3 Rounds

12-14 Standing Barbell Twists

Tuesday 14th



20 min EMOM

Min 1 = 5-8 Bench Press

Min 2 = 5-8 Chinups (Add weight if possible)

Min 3 = 5-8 DB Rows each arm

Min 4 = 5-8 Dips (Add weight if possible)


2 Rounds (Rest as needed between)

500m Row as fast as humanly possible

***Remember: this doesn't mean you should flail around on the rower like an idiot. It means use efficient technique to get to 500m as quickly as possible. It's all about how much power you can put into the PULL. If you're only moving back and forth super fast, then you are NOT being efficient at all.

Wednesday 15th


2 mins at each station, for 5 rounds

5 Overhead Squats with a Pause (Count "One Mississippi" at the bottom)

*Each round should be a little bit heavier than you did on June 1st


"5K Training Day"

Run 3 laps for time

*Rest 5 mins

Run 2 laps for time

*Rest 5 mins

Run 1 lap for time

*This is a repeat from May 10th, so make SURE you make it in today so you can gauge your progress.

(Scale appropriately for your running ability)

We'll test our 5k time on the second week of July:-D

Indoor Substitution (If it rains, or if it gets too hot to run out in the direct sun)

3 Rounds

1 min Burpees

**1 min Rest

1 min KB Swings

**1 min Rest

1 min Double Unders

**1 min Rest


Seated Overhead Barbell Hold … ​

Thursday 16th


Every 2 mins, for 6 sets

3 Sumo Deadlifts (A little heavier than June 3rd)

3 Seated Box Jumps



10 Russian KB Swings

5 Ring Rows (Get your body as horizontal as possible at the bottom)

1 Heavy/Awkward Carry 25m


Barbell Ab Rollouts …

Friday 17th


Granite Games Qualifier Event To be announced Thursday night

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