Life hack from Ping

The glory of Crossfit is that so many people from different backgrounds, professions, ages and so on can come together and work to be healthier and in better shape. The scores we write up everyday are so you can keep track of your progress, so that if you forget to write something down we have it for you. It gives you the chance to see how you and your friends are doing together and at times to give you a little friendly competition.

However, the whiteboard, your scores, do not define you.

Like i said before, we all lead different lives. So for instance, for me to compare my score to someone who is only a month into Crossfit isn't fair. Just the same as, if I take a month off, I can't compare MY scores now to what MY scores were.

This is important for everyone to understand, I don't want to see anyone cheating movements or trying to do too much weight because "they could do it before"

This was a lesson I even had to learn: if you miss a few days, weeks or months, reset yourself. Get the movements back under your belt, use your old maxes as a GUIDE and listen to your body!

And as far as the whiteboard, if you have taken time off or if you have missed a day, or even if you come every single day, always remember, we all lead different lives. We all have different schedules so don't compare yourself to someone who comes in here 2 times a day or for 2 hours a day when you have a 9-5 job, a family and housework to do.

Moral of all of this: The only person you should be comparing yourself to is YOU.

-Coach Ping

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