Why Your Motivation Sucks!

In 2010 I radically changed my lifestyle to begin taking care of myself by getting physically fit, and I started on this journey of growing stronger…both physically and mentally.

Ever since then I’ve been surrounding myself with people who have similar goals, and I’ve also exposed myself to a plethora of related informational material, so I hear the word MOTIVATION used a LOT.

MOTIVATION is a buzzword in the fitness community. Whether you’re hanging out on internet forums, or checking out the advertisements for the newest “workout product,” or just listening to friends, family, or acquaintances tell you why they can’t do what you’re doing, you will hear/see the word MOTIVATION being thrown around like a beachball at a freshman pool party.

I hear things like: “I wish I had your motivation!” or “I’m just not feeling motivated to do it right now.”, or “Is your current thing not motivating you anymore? Give us your money for our new thing and you’ll magically have shitloads of motivations again.”

Now, if YOU have a certain motivation that keeps you driving and working towards your goals, then great for you. Please ignore the rest of this post. This is directed at the droves of people that I see who are using MOTIVATION as an excuse for NOT working/persevering.

I’ve grown to hate that word! It seems to be one of the most misunderstood/misused words in the English language.

So I say this: forget motivation. Motivation is overrated. ANYTHING is easy when you’re motivated to do it. There’s no strength in motivation. It sounds to me like motivation is pretty damn lazy.

Get up and do the work! Stop letting your FEELINGS hold you back.

One if the great ironies of this is that your feelings are the RESULT of what you DO. But people don’t DO it because they don’t FEEL like it; so then of course they don’t feel better; of course their motivation is low. You’re sitting there wallowing in your feelings.When you get to work you ALWAYS feel better as a result.

If we’re talking about the gym, some of my best PRs have happened on days when I didn’t “feel like it” at all to begin with.

As a society, I think that we tend to be too focused on the END goal, and no importance is paid to the journey or how rewarding it is to just put in the work on a routine. Don’t get ahead of me, I think that goal setting is very important. But many of us get too focused on the END goal, then get bummed out thinking that we aren’t seeing results quickly enough.

Just do the work. Even of you don’t see any change in two months, take pride in the WORK. Plateaus are a very real part of life, especially in fitness. What gets you past them is consistency and MINOR adjustments if necessary. Don’t capsize the ship by making huge overcorrections.

Find a program/routine and STICK WITH IT! Then learn to enjoy the journey.


P. S. I wrote ^this short article^ a couple of years ago, and had actually forgotten about it until today when this video popped up on my newsfeed on Facebook. It's only four minutes long, but I can guarantee that four minutes will be very worth your while.

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