Let's get your first pull-up!





After sending out that questionnaire a couple of weeks ago, I got an overwhelming response! Way better than I thought I would get. It’s so good to hear the different things that you guys are working towards, and it gave me a much clearer direction for the upcoming year. 


There were several people who chose PULL-UPS as their goal, so I’ve spent the last two weeks working on developing a comprehensive program to get you your first pull-up. This program is designed to work along with your normal CrossFit class routine, with special care taken to not overload you or cause overuse injuries from doing too much too soon. 


I designed this to keep you progressing towards that first pull-up with smaller, more manageable goals, so that you don’t get frustrated or burned out from chasing something that might seem so far away. 


This program is broken up into 4 different “Phases,” and you’ll have a goal for the end of each phase. This way, you can focus on accomplishing one smaller goal at a time…which will ultimately build you up to your first pull-up at the end of the program. 


(I know that the toughest part of a goal like this is that it may seem so far away, so far out of reach, that it can be tough to keep up the motivation to stick with the training. So I specifically designed this program to be broken up into 4 smaller goals that can be checked off as you go. I find that little wins along the way make the final goal seem much less intimidating….so I want to give that to you)



Phase One focuses on building Grip Strength. We’ll test your grip at the beginning of the phase, and work through these grip exercises until you can pass the “Retest.”


***In my opinion, this is the most important part of developing your pullup strength/ability. You’ve got to build the tendon strength in your fingers, hands, wrists, forearms, and even elbows before we start throwing a bunch of extra “Pulling Volume” at you. Also, your shoulder/lat muscles are getting much more prepared for all the upcoming work****


The Retest at the end of this phase may be fairly easy for SOME people to complete, but some people might have to work an extra week or two in order to finish this phase. Either way, this is the foundation of it all. The MOST important start!


Phase Two is all about Isometric Strength. You will do a lot of holds in different positions, building your static-strength and stability. Our goal here is to get started building your strength without causing any overuse injuries. I don’t want to give you elbow pain or shoulder trouble from having you do too much too soon. We already do a decent amount of Pulling-Exercises in our regular CrossFit classes, so I could definitely cause you some problems if I just threw a lot more on top of you. 

Phase two is just how it sounds…it’s the next level up. 

The test-out here will improve your hold times by a specified amount before graduating to the next phase. 


Phase Three gets us into the Negatives. This Phase is going to get tough. Negatives can definitely cause some extra soreness, so you’ll need to be specific about your recovery techniques as we go along.

We will definitely gauge your recovery, and throttle it back if we need to. 

By the end of this phase, you will be able to control your bodyweight better than ever before. 


Phase Four is the final specific phase of the program. This one gets us into some Heavy Pulling. As I mentioned before, your normal CrossFit Training will have you doing a decent amount of pulling exercises all the way through this program, so this will be the first time that we will be really OVERLOADING the pulling exercises. 

This phase starts by establishing One-Rep-Maxes on 3 different exercises, and then we will work towards increasing those numbers by the end. 


I’m considering this program to be as significant as one-on-one Personal Training. So I will be there as a Personal Coach to show you everything, explain the process, adjust the parameters as we need, and work with you to the end of each phase. You won’t be part of a class on this…this is me and you working together. 

You can certainly do these exercises by yourself if you like, but we are in this together. Whether it takes four months or a full year to work through these four phases, we'll get ya there. 


The price on this program is going to be $99 per phase, but for right now I'm only taking on 10 people...and I'm going to give these first 10 people the entire program (all 4 phases) for a one-time fee of $125.


Again, no matter how long it takes to work through this, these first 10 people will get the entire program for only $125. (I'll open it up to another 5 people at the beginning of September)


If you're ready to get started, send me a text message that says "I'm ready to work on pull-ups" and we'll discuss the details.