You didn't think Rowing could be fun?? You didn't think you could learn something that would make you enjoy it??


Well ima prove you wrong:-) 


It's a One Hour Specialty Clinic that will teach ya something, give ya a nice little workout, and show ya what kind of funky workout music that I like. 


$20. Only 8 spaces available. Wednesday, July 15th at 6pm (1 hour class)


1) We'll explore the Damper Settings and experiment to help you find your comfort level


2) Try some different Foot Positions to see if you can optimize for your height, limb length, strengths/weaknesses, etc....


3) Then we'll dive into the importance of Stroke Rate Management and Proper Sequencing. (If you hate the Rower, or just feel like you're not very good at it, THIS will blow your mind and make you 6,000% better and make you want to buy 3 of these machines for your garage and guarantee that you'll qualify for the Olympics in 2022)


4) You're gonna love my playlist!!!!! :-) 


5) We'll finish with the best "cool-down-stretching-routine" in the entire 200 block of Downtown Sikeston!


A Fun Rowing Class ...with Sweet Bugz


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