Semi-amateur/partially-professional Snatch Masters Ryan and Mackle are hosting a Weightlifting Clinic to make you a better Snatcher. 


We love the technical side of weightlifting, and we love the Snatch because it lets us out-lift the people who are actually way stronger than us. :-) 


Well, now you can learn our secrets. Learn the technique and proficiency, so that you can actually apply the strength that you already have, without any wasted energy. 


$40. Only 10 spaces available. Saturday, July 18th. 9:30-11:00am


1) We'll go over the mobilization techniques that actually work, and tell ya which ones to ignore. 


2) Spend time with the most common problem areas: "The final pull," and the "Catch Position"

(Most of us have trouble with the Snatch simply because we're not yet comfortable getting under the bar, and we're not comfortable enough in that bottom squat position) 


3) Work on "speed." Where it IS important, and where you might need to "slow the f*$k down." 


4) The importance of building SLOWLY in weight, and why you should never miss the same weight twice in a row


A Snatch Clinic ...with Ryan and Mackle


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