Introducing the newest member of our BootHeel Coaching Team! 
Paige "The Rage" McCormick
She's one of our first members from back in 2013, so she's been a big part of the development of our community and training program.  
She spearheaded and supported our nutrition program since the beginning of the year, and has been unbelieveably patient with all of us;-)
She graduated in May from SEMO with a major in health management: exercise science, and plans to get the ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist certification next. 
We're very excited to now have her on board as an official CrossFit Level 1 Trainer! 



• Paige, what motivated you to become a personal trainer? 

"I began college with intention to become an Occupational Therapist because I knew several therapists and it seemed as though lots of people were coaxing me to go that direction. A year or so into my general studies I learned more about the epidemic of obesity and the general poor health our society is in. The reason? Poor lifestyle habits! I decided I wanted to be more involved in the preventative side rather than the rehabilitative side to show people the benefit and importance of a healthy lifestyle. I want to get people motivated to start moving and eating better before it's too late.


• What motivates you to exercise even on days where you may not feel up to it? 

"Carbs, haha! No, it is great to be able to eat a little extra because of the hard work I put in, but the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction you get after a challenging workout is like no other. I wouldn't necessarily say it’s motivation that keeps me going, it's habit. When you have a firm understanding of the risks of not exercising, it becomes as important as brushing your teeth. Breaking a habit is even harder than starting it."



• What can members look forward to when they train with you? 

"My clients can look forward to true personal attention they should get from any personal trainer. I want them to learn the how and why of what they're doing, proper form, and how each exercise will translate to everyday tasks. They can also expect to answer lots of questions about everyday life because I always want to know more about how they're doing outside of the gym!"



• What tips can you share to help first-timers who are thinking about personal training? 

"1.) Don't think everyone is staring at or judging you--no one cares or they're worried about the same thing.

2.) The best time to start was yesterday, so quit waiting until next Monday.

3.) You don't need to get in shape before you come to a trainer. It's our job to teach you how to properly structure and execute a program so you'll quit putting it off.

4.) Set realistic goals and expectations, and be prepared to work toward them. We give you the tools, but you have to do the work."



• Any favorite workout quotes? 

“Nothing worth having comes easy!”



• Share a random fact about yourself: 

"Here at BootHeel CrossFit, they call me Coach Rage… It sprouted from a spelling error, but stuck once everyone laughed about the irony in it from my chill personality. The "rage" comes out from time to time just when they need it 😉."




207 North New Madrid Street

Sikeston, MO. 63801