Our General Fitness Programming Includes:

A lot of this: (about 55%) - 

The 7 Primal Movement Patterns: 









Some of this: (about 25%) - 

Speed, Power, and Technique 


A little of this: (around 20%) - 

Vanity muscles "Bodybuilding"


Those 7 Primal Movement Patterns are NECESSARY for basic human survival. If you can't do these properly, then you are not functioning well, and are prone to injury as a result. 

This is the foundation of everything we do as CrossFit coaches. Our programming is dedicated to improving your strength and ability in these patterns. 


When the topic of Weightlifting and fitness comes up around untrained people, we hear comments like "I can't do squats or deadlifts or lunges because I have bad knees, or a bad back."


Surely you've heard someone close to you say something similar...or maybe you say this to yourself.

But those movements are our MOST BASIC PRIMAL MOVEMENT PATTERNS! Your body must be able to do those things to survive! 

If you can't Squat, that means you can't sit down on the toilet.

If you can't Deadlift, that means you can't pick up your keys if you drop them on the floor. 

If you can't Lunge, that means you can't climb the stairs.


(We're not talking about Squatting/Deadlifting/Lunging hundreds of pounds; we're talking about YOUR BODY'S ABILITY TO USE THOSE MOVEMENT PATTERNS efficiently and without injury. That's what we focus on here at BootHeel CrossFit)

Speed, Power, and Technique typically make up about 25% of our General Fitness Programming, but this is an area that would have more of a focus for the more experienced athlete, or someone with sports-specific goals/needs.

Power is simply the ability to dynamically EXPRESS your strength in any of those movement patterns.

Quite often we meet an individual who has trained alone for many years, following workouts from a magazine, who has gotten themselves quite big and strong. But he or she lacks any real power with all that size and strength. Basically, they've only gotten themselves "gym-strong." 

This person often experiences a silly injury when life requires them to do something physical such as moving a piece of furniture, or chasing a toddler. 

By training for SPEED, POWER, and TECHNIQUE, you train your body to work together as a whole to increase your General Physical Preparedness (GPP), and reduce your risk of injuries when life requires you move fast or lift heavy in an awkward positions, or without proper time to "warm up."

Training the "Vanity Muscles" (Bodybuilding) should never be forgotten, since those exercises certainly have their place in any well-designed training program...once an athlete has developed a good foundational level of basic strength. 

It seems like typical CrossFitters have shunned anything having to do with bodybuilding, and we think that's a big mistake. 

Granted, CrossFit began as a "counter-culture" to the ridiculously over-inflated bodybuilding culture of the past 50 years or so, but we're intelligent enough to see that you shouldn't throw out the baby with the bath water.

Our main goal/objective at BootHeel CrossFit is to improve human performance and efficiency, and to do so in an safe, efficient, and fun way.

This is NOT a "12 week program," or "90 days to a better body," or any other bullshit like that!

We recognize that health, fitness, and strength are LIFETIME goals, and we support each other towards these goals with consistency, encouragement, motivation, and a family-style atmosphere. 

Regardless of the end goal, we believe that training for PERFORMANCE (instead of aesthetics) is the key to success. 

Performance goals are MUCH easier to track, MUCH more sustainable, and MUCH more rewarding than just looking in the mirror every day and bumming out that you don't see progress. 

By shifting your focus to Performance Training, it takes your mind off of the "diet and exercise" thing that sucks out so much of your energy and willpower. 


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