Lunch Crunch Fitness Class for the month of May



[ 12:15-12:45 ]

30 minute fitness class centered around beginner fitness movements. We combine simple bodyweight exercises and stability drills to give you a full-body, balanced workout. Think of it as "CrossFit Lite."


  • Is the lunch hour your only free time for fitness? 

    • This is the perfect solution. 


  • Do you feel like you're a complete beginner? ...OR.... Do you already have a decent level of fitness? 

    • Either way, this Fitness Class will be great for you because this program is as easy or as hard as you want to make it.


  • Interested in CrossFit, but not sure you're in good enough shape to start? 

    • This class would be a great way build up your confidence with baby-steps.



Only for the month of May. $65.00 for the entire month


Take advantage NOW of this one time offer before it's gone. We’re only taking the first 5 people who text Michael Haugh at 573-258-2112.


The first class starts on Monday, May 7th and ends Friday, June 1st


**Deadline to sign up is Sunday, May 6th