Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

4. What kind of gear do I need?


Shoes - A good pair of flat soled shoes will do you a lot of good with Weightlifting, and will also force you to become a better runner. (Your leg is not designed for heel-striking while running, but those thick heeled "running shoes" tend to encourage it).

Some people like the Converse "Chuck Taylors," others prefer the versatility and comfort of the Reebok Nanos.


Gloves? - Some folks prefer to wear gloves to protect their hands from calluses, but most of the "workout/weightlifting gloves" just make it tougher to hold onto a pullup bar or barbell.

If gloves are your thing, your best bet would probably be a tight-fitting pair of batting gloves (found wherever baseball equipment is sold).
The typical "weightlifting gloves" are usually way too thick, and the excess material in the palm causes just as much friction as going barehanded.


Weightlifting Belt? - Probably not in the beginning. If you're new to weight training, then you won't be using weights heavy enough where a belt would do you any good. ...and wearing a belt at submaximal weights could potentially cause more harm than help by creating bad habits. 


Once you ARE ready for a belt, look for something that is as wide in the FRONT as it is in the back. Contrary to popular belief, a belt is not there for BACK support; it's there for CORE support. And your core goes all the way around:-)

When using a weightlifting belt, the goal is to create abdominal pressure out against the belt (google the "Valsalva Maneuver") so you want as much material in the FRONT of the belt as possible. 


The Schiek Contour belts are excellent products, and come in different sizes and materials based on your build and your needs.



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